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Corporate events bar private hire

What’s better than after-work drinks on a Friday evening – or any evening for that matter? Now you don’t even have to leave the office or make reservations! We have all of your corporate bar service needs to fit any work place setting. We can provide all your colleagues’ favourite refreshments, drinks and cocktails. 

It can be a real headache trying to put together corporate events, so we’ll take that stress away by arranging serving staff and all the necessary equipment to deliver an unforgettable seamless and polished event to accommodate all your corporate party needs. Our job is to help you create a tailored event to the highest standards.

Check below for some of our other services to compliment your event including decorations, event management and of course, a befitting stylish physical bar to complete the look. We can also work with you to spotlight your branding. Don’t just throw a work party, WERK the party!!

Setting The Bar (Up)

The moment you send that bird call and set a date, we will turn up during the agreed time frame prior to your event, unload the equipment, bar and stock, with full assembly. We will have already organised the ice, ingredients, glassware, paper/plastic cups ( with recyclable options) and will set everything up to your specifications to help you wow your guests. Our staff will be dressed to impress and serve all attendees, representing your organisation to the highest professional degree.